Sof'Fall® engineered wood fiber is manufactured with only the highest quality virgin wood. Sof'Fall® Incorporated never compromises a child's safety by using pallets or other wastewood. Sof'Fall® is carefully produced to provide a stable and slip resistant surface to ensure all children have the opportunity to play.

* Performance Warranty
Sof’Fall is guaranteed to be in compliance with ASTM F 1292-04 for a full 10 years and is covered by the Sof’Solutions Play Protection Plan - designed to provide a new level of confidence and protection.

* Product Warranty
Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber surfacing carries a 10 year limited product warranty against defective materials and manufacturer’s workmanship of the product.

* Engineered Wood Fiber
Sof’Fall’s engineered wood fiber has minimal bark and is free of twigs and leaves--substantially increasing its resistance to deterioration.

* Product Durability
Nontoxic and fire resistant in its natural form, Sof'Fall wood fiber reduces risk management for playground providers.



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